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Professional Membership

The vast majority of IABC members are professional members. Dues for professional members vary widely based on where you live. Some countries are charged a lower amount for international dues, based on World Bank data. Chapter and region dues also vary.

IABC membership belongs to the member, even if the employer paid for it. If the employer pays for the membership and the member moves to another employer, the member retains IABC membership for the duration of the year and can renew without paying a reinstatement fee. The former employer (who paid for the membership) can also arrange to have a successor “assume” the remainder of the paid membership (if there are three or more months remaining on the membership). If the member is changing positions within the same organization or has a 500 Club membership, this policy does not apply. Access the Professional Membership flyer here.

Student Membership

Student memberships are available to full-time students of colleges, universities and other educational institutions, as well as part-time students working toward a degree, or a certificate program in Canada, who are not presently working in the communication profession.

Students can join IABC for US$49 / CDN$49 / €43.85 / AUS$49 per year, plus chapter dues where applicable.

Access the Student Membership flyer here. If you meet the qualifications for a student membershipjoin online or fill out and submit the student membership application form.

Student Transition

Professionals who have graduated from a degree program from an accredited institution in the last year are eligible for the student transition rate. The student pays half of the international dues plus full region and chapter dues. Members can only have one year as a student transition; they must then become professional members at the full professional rate.

To apply for student transition rates, please join online or download a transitional membership application. Applicants will need to send proof of degree conferral after enrolling with the Member Relations, which can be one of the following:

  • Dated letter from Registrar on letterhead of an accredited institution stating date of graduation and degree conferred.
  • Photocopy of diploma from accredited institution stating degree and date conferred.
  • Photocopy of transcript from accredited institution stating graduation date and degree conferred.

Other proof may be considered. Please call our Member Relations at 800.776.4222 or +1 312.321.6868 to discuss any other forms of proof you’d like us to consider.